I believe that counselling is as valuable as you make it. In all forms of counselling I will do everything in my power to make sure that our work is confidential and that it is a safe, non-judgemental and empowering environment for you to explore yourself and the fears and challenges that you are facing.

There is a common belief that counselling should go on for years without progress. I believe in the capability of clients to do better and get better. I believe that counselling can sometimes take as little as a single session to help people deal with their problems.

Single Session Therapy

Video conferencing or telephone call. The aim of single session therapy is to help you focus on the issue that you want to resolve. We’ll agree a topic that you want to focus on and how you’d like me to help you focus and then you have 60 minutes to really drill down into it. Please note this session is slightly longer to ensure that we have the right topic and methods in place. 75 minutes. £60

Face to Face counselling

Come to my offices in central Southampton. Accessible, clean and convenient you can talk with me in person for 50 minutes. £50

*Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, the safest option for both me and you is e-counselling*


If getting to central Southampton is problematic, or my office hours are inconvenient than I also offer a reduced cost alternative by use of either video conferencing or telephone. 50 minutes. £45

It is the policy of Explore Counselling to accept payment in full before each session.

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